Toyota Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Service: The Problem
The Toyota Genuine Complete Fuel System Cleaner removes deposits that build up inside your engine and helps improves rough idling, hesitation and drivability. This genuine Toyota product can be used on all types of gasoline engines.

Your vehicle’s fuel system will probably, at some point, suffer from deposits of corrosion, dirt, and varnish due to contaminants and condensation. When the fuel in your vehicle is burned it leaves behind carbon deposits on everything in its path. Loss of fuel power, rough idling, “check engine light”, errors, and higher emissions are just a few problems that these carbon deposits and contaminants can cause within your engine.

The Solution

  • Fuel Injection Service
    In order to remove varnish and blockages from your injectors, our technicians use fuel injection cleaner with a special tool to flush out the system.
  • Throttle Body and Chamber Service
    The technicians will use an air intake cleaner to cleanse the throttle body and chamber and rid them of carbon deposits. They will also clean and remove your idle air control motor/valve, if your vehicle has one. Lastly, our technicians will lubricate any and all moving parts to prevent corrosion or a sticking throttle in the future.
  • Decarb/Emission Service
    To rid the intake manifold, valves, pistons, and combustion chambers of all carbon deposits, our technicians will use intake system cleaner to help reduce rough idling, emissions, and catalytic converter buildup.