We’ve seen some crazy races in our day. Hell, we’ve been involved in some crazy races, and we’ve encountered more than a few nuts behind the wheel. And now here we are, talking about the new Toyota Supra lining up at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California next to a giant peanut. Or rather, some large ladder-frame vehicle with a fiberglass body shaped like a giant peanut. It’s the Planters NUTmobile – you know, like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, only for peanuts. Never heard of it? Never mind, just watch the video.

Toyota and Mr. Peanut have been trading some barbs on Twitter for a few days now about this race. We aren’t privy to the actual details on this fun event, but according to the story, Mr. Peanut challenged Toyota to a race during the Super Bowl. Toyota responded that it had “something in mind” and well, here we are at this video that just were posted on Toyota’s YouTube channel.

Ordinarily, this is where we’d take a closer look at the competing cars, but yeah, after years of hype you already know about the Supra. As for the big peanut, the video says it has a 6.0-liter V8, which almost certainly means some kind of GM LS engine is in there. Does that mean this peanut has an LS swap? Perhaps, but that’s not important right now. What matters is that, when the light goes green, the nut gets mean.

Actually, not really. The Supra rips away, drifts some corners, you know the drill. On the final stretch, Mr. Peanut hits the “nitrous” button to pull even for a photo finish. Despite the valiant effort, the Supra holds on to win the day. Except that’s not really true, either.

The real winners here were the American Heart Association & Bob Woodruff Foundation, and the Movember Foundation, charities which received sizable donations as a result of this fun faux race. That’s a contest of speed we can always appreciate.