Toyota Touch

We service your Toyota the way we built it. This ensures your Toyota is running like new for years to come. There is, however, something more you can do to keep your Toyota in great condition and safe guard its value. Give your Toyota the extra care it deserves by protecting it from the elements like sun, salt, water and sand. Give your Toyota the Toyota Touch.

Toyota Touch professional detailing services help protect your vehicle from the elements like sun, salt, water and sand using specially formulated chemicals for your Toyota.

Regular service keeps your vehicle running like new. But to keep it in even better condition, and safeguard its value, give your Toyota the extra care it deserves.

Our Toyota Touch detailing specialists offer a choice of three service levels — Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate — each designed to help protect your investment.


Premium Detailing Package
Cars: $149.95 SUV/Trucks: $169.95


  • Exterior hand wash & dry
  • Two-step paint restoration
  • Removing tar
  • Brake dust removal
  • Other fallout contaminants that will leave the surface prepped for machine polishing
  • Power washing of wheels, inner fender and undercarriage
  • Door jams, tires, glass & rims cleaned
  • Tire dressing applied
  • Lubrication of locks & hinges


  • Vacuuming of interior seats, floors, floor mats & trunk
  • Spot stain removal of interior (larger stained areas will require additional charges)
  • Cleaning all plastic & vinyl areas of interior, dash & center console area
  • Interior glass cleaned

Ultimate Detailing Package
Cars: $299.95 SUV/Trucks: $349.95
*Includes all Premium services plus:

  • Three-step paint restoration
  • Engine shampoo: carefully degreasing engine bay, cleaning & dressing of all components. Vehicles with engine lights on, or any obvious damage to engine bay will not be able to have this service done. 
  • Headlight restoring: removing oxidization from headlight surface to improve vision. Some headlights may be oxidized on the inside, which we are unable to fix. This service will be performed ONLY if engine bay shampoo cannot be completed.


  • Full interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpet, door mats, door panel & headliner
  • Cleaning & conditioning of all leather, plastic & vinyl areas
  • Toyota brand fabric protection applied to all areas once cleaned & dry

A LA CARTE Services

  • Basic hand wash approx. $14.99
  • For floor mat shampooing, $25.99
    • (Includes shampooing/drying and deodorizing up to 5 mats, additional floor mats/cargo liners would be charged an additional $4.25 per mat
  • Tire/rim cleaning and polishing, $34.95
    • (tire & rim degreasing, drying, polishing rim surfaces & applying tire dressing)
  • Leather conditioner application, $44.99 for sedans/hatch back vehicles, $55.99 for trucks/SUV’s/vans
    • (Cleaning & conditioning of leather seats/headrests of vehicle, excessive staining of leather may require additional charges)
  • Headlight restoration (exterior) $49.99
  • Engine Shampoo $55.95
  • Interior carpet shampoo $79.99
  • Interior seat shampoo $129.99

Please Note:

The above prices are subject to change pending excessive stains, pet hair, dirt, garbage, damage etc.
All personal belongings MUST be removed from the vehicle or we will work around your belongings (areas such as; trunk/glove boxes, door storage etc.)